National Nurseries

Every year, eight national nurseries and two segregating stock nurseries are being constituted by the institute and supplied to different co-operators located across various zones in the country for evaluation and utilization.

Nursery Approximate number of set supplied every year
National Nurseries  
National Genetic Stock Nursery (NGSN) 30
Yield Components Screening Nursery (YCSN) 25
Short Duration Screening Nursery (SDTSN) 22
Salinity-alkalinity Tolerance Screening Nursery (SATSN) 9
Drought Tolerance Screening Nursery (DTSN) 12
Quality Component Screening Nursery (QCSN) 12
Elite International Germplasm Nursery (EIGN) 24
National Durum Screening Nursery (NDSN) 13
Segregating Stock Nurseries  
Segregating Stock Nursery (SSN) 18
Spring x Winter wheat Segregating Stock Nursery (SWSSN) 6