Research-Quality Improvement

Quality and basic sciences

Enhancing wheat end-use quality

Selected centres would be strengthened for developing wheat varieties with better end-use quality. Molecular tools would be used for identification of donors and selection of desirable segregants in breeding programme.

 Enhancing nutritional quality

Bio-fortification and enhanced bioavailability of micronutrients (Fe and Zn) would become an important part of the quality improvement activities. In addition increasing grain protein and yellow pigment content would be the priority areas. Studies on anti-oxidant properties in durum and bread wheat will also be undertaken.

Molecular genetics of wheat quality traits

Understanding molecular genetics of quality traits for manipulation through breeding will be major area of research.

Basic studies for abiotic tolerance and yield enhancement

Abiotic Stress: Salt, Drought, Temperature (Molecular, biochemical, physiological and genetic basis of stress tolerance)

Yield: Understanding metabolic pathways and physiological processes determining yield and their genetic/molecular basis for use in breeding