Research-Social Science

Social sciences

Promoting extension activities for effective dissemination of new technologies, assessing market and trade requirements and increasing the profitability of farmers would form the core activities for extension and transfer of wheat and barley technologies. Recent developments in information communication technologies have offered a number of alternatives to provide quick and accurate information to the stakeholders. In the next few years, the Social Science section will help in creating an empowered society of farmers, entrepreneurs by transferring knowledge and skill through ICT and improved livelihood by raising their socio-economic status. Adaptive research to address area-specific needs would be undertaken. In order to propagate adoption of seeds of new varieties, the practice of ‘own farm, own seed’ through establishment of seed villages would be popularized. Training of farmers to improve the skills and capacity building for rural entrepreneurship and women empowerment would be prioritized. The e-extension activities would be given a boost for providing agro-advisory services.