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SRF Shortlisted Candidates

SRF Shortlisted Candidates

NIT for e-tender for Canteen Services


Shortlisted Candidates: YP 1/JRF/Field Worker

Shortlisted Candidates

Interview for Contractual Positions

Announcement: Interview for Contractual Positions

Shortlisted Candidates: SRF/JRF (12-03-2021)

Shortlisted Candidates for SRF/JRF (12-03-2021)

Shortlisted Candidates: JRF/SRF

SRF-JRF-Shortlisted Candidates

Announcement: International Webinar (March 17-19)

Download Brochure for Webinar (Click)

Registration Link:ยย 


Corrigendum: SRF/JRF Online Interview


Early Online Version: Policy Advisories for the New Normal Agriculture

Policy Paper 2:ย Strengthening the Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships in Wheat, Maize and Barley Value Chains: Policy Advisories for the New Normal Agriculture

Agenda: AICRP Training from March 03-09

AICRP-Training-Agenda: March 03-09, 2021

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