Indian Wheat Database (Agri Bioinformatics Promotion Programme)


Global Wheat and Barley Scenario

  1. USDA:
  2. FAO:


National Wheat and Barley Scenario

  1. State-wise Area, Production and Yield:
  2. District-wise Area, Production and Yield:
  3. Market Prices:
  4. Export:
  5. Import:


 Wheat Database
Total Varieties – app. 480
Quality Database
Total Varieties – around 250
 Rust Resistance Genes
 Total Varieties – around 200
 Marker Database
SSR Marker- 1761
Resistance Gene Marker – 23
Resistance Gene Primer- 26
Wheat is the second most important cereal in India after rice contributing substantially to the national food security by providing more than 50% of the calories to the people who mainly depend on it. In historical perspective, India had made spectacular advancement in productivity and sustainability of wheat and wheat based cropping system. The scenario of the past ten years has clearly indicated that the wheat production in the country has soared ahead despite area remaining the same. Hitherto, the wheat programme has released around 480 varieties for different production conditions in all the wheat growing zones.

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