Externally Nationally Funded Projects

Externally Funded Projects

Crop Improvement:

Title of the Project Funding agency
Characterization of heat-linked QTLs and Enzymes associated with starch biosynthesis pathway in wheat (Extramural Research project) ICAR
Combining field phenotyping and next generation genetics to uncover markers, genes and biology underlying drought in wheat DBT-BBSRC (CGAT)
Computational approach for harnessing genome information and its integration with wheat phenome for efficient varietal development ICAR
CRP on Agrobiodiversity-Component Wheat ICAR
CRP on hybrids in field and horticultural crops ICAR
Development of Bioinformatics Knowledge in Wheat MIT, New Delhi
DUS Project in Wheat PPVFRA, New Delhi
DUS Project in Barley PPVFRA, New Delhi
Germplasm characterization and trait discovery in wheat using genomics approaches and its integration for improving climate resilience, productivity and nutritional quality DBT
ICAR Seed Project ICAR
Identification and characterization of terminal heat stress responsive miRNAs in wheat ICAR Award project
Marker-Assisted Breeding for Drought Tolerance in Wheat DBT
Mining for heat tolerance of wheat in Australian and Indian environments DST,


Mitigating the Effect of Stripe Rust on Wheat Production in South Asia and East Africa ICAR-ACIAR
Network project on transgenics in crops ICAR
Phenotyping and genetic enhancement for tolerance to prioritized abiotic stresses in wheat (Strategic Research Component of NICRA) ICAR
Phenotyping of mapping populations at hot spot and tagging of major QTLs associated with spot blotch resistance in wheat DBT, New Delhi


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