Institute Projects

Institute Projects at ICAR-IIWBR

(Approved as per the recommendation of IRC meeting)

Crop Improvement

  1.  Multilocational and Multidisciplinary Research Programme on Wheat and Barley Improvement Project Leader (PL)/Principal Investigator (PI) : Dr GP Sigh (PL) Co-PIs: All the Scientists of ICAR-IIWBR
  1. Genetic resources and pre-breeding for wheat improvement
  2. Developing high yielding and climate resilient wheat varieties
  1. Basic and genetic studies in wheat

Crop Protection

  1.  Management of major diseases and insect pests of wheat in an agro-ecological approach under changing climate

IIWBR, Flowerdale, Shimla

  1.  Physiologic specialization, resistance and molecular studies on wheat and barley rusts

Resource Management

  1.  Improving crop productivity through efficient input management
  2. Enhancing productivity and profitability of wheat based cropping system for marginal farmers Project Leader (PL)/Principal Investigator (PI) S. C. Tripathi (PL/PI) Co-PIs: Dr. S.C. Gill, Raj Pal Meena

Quality & Basic Sciences

  1.  IImprovement of Industrial and Nutritional Quality of Wheat

Barley Section

  1. Development of barley varieties and technologies for yield, biotic & abiotic stresses and quality

Social Sciences

  1.  Evaluation, Transfer and Impact Assessment of Wheat and Barley Production Technologies

Computer & Statistics

  1.  Use of GIS and statistical techniques for wheat & barley improvement in climate change scenario

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