Phenotyping Facility

Temperature controlled phenotyping facility (TCPF)

A state-of the-art temperature controlled phenotyping facility (TCPF) has been created that allows screening of several wheat genotypes in a larger plot size (as in the fields) with option to provide and maintain 0-100C higher than the ambient temperature at any stage of crop growth, while allowing plants to grow in the natural environment during the rest of the period. The size of the structure is approximately 100 feet by 35 feet. Motorized control units of this unique system allows roofs and walls to slide down to open structure during initial growth stages when crop receives natural growth conditions. At the time of temperature stress treatment the structure is closed with the help of sliding roof and windows. The temperature regulation in the structure being linked to ambient temperature, it follows diurnal cycle during temperature stress treatment.


Outer view of the facility

Inside View of the facility

Salinity screening phenotyping facility (SSPF) Microplot facility for evaluating wheat germplasm and breeding materials for salinity tolerance was developed at ICAR-IIWBR, Karnal as national facility under the network project on “improving wheat for salt tolerance using molecular approach”.  The facility has 16 mciroplots of size 3X6 meters each.  The facility is being used for understanding molecular basis of salt tolerance in wheat and screening segregating generations for identification of superior genotypes under salinity stress.

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