Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME)

Priority setting, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Cell

Incharge, PME Cell: Dr.Poonam Jasrotia
Member: Dr. Bhumesh Kumar
Member: Dr. Satish Kumar
Member: Dr. Sendhil R
Member : Dr. C.N.Mishra
Member: Dr. P.L.Kashyap
Member: SAO & FAO
Member: Dr. B.S.Tyagi (Member Secretary, RAC)
Member: Dr. Dinesh Kumar (Member Secretary, IRC)


Proforma to be submitted to PME Cell for forwarding manuscripts and abstracts for conferences/workshops

ICAR Guidelines for Internal Evaluation and Forwarding Research Papers to Scientific Journals and data Management in ICAR Institutes

RPPs(I, II & III)_Formats in MS Word

ICAR Guidelines for preparations of RPPs

ICAR Rules and Guidelines for Professional Service Functions (Training, Consultancy, Contract Research & Contract Service)


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