Transgenic facility

Transgenic wheat development facility
The ICAR-IIWBR has a well managed tissue culture and transgenic development facility. A controlled environment glass house facility is also coming up for growing and studying transgenics under controlled condition. The availability of reproducible regeneration system through tissue culture is a major bottleneck in wheat improvement program. At ICAR-IIWBR an efficient regeneration and agrobacterium transformation system using mature and immature embryos as explants, in recently released spring wheat varieties (DBW 88, DBW 90, DBW 93, DPW 621-50, HD 3086 and WH 1105) were standardized. The optimized medium and method has resulted upto 100% regeneration, irrespective of the genotype used with high reproducibility. The wheat transformation system is giving upto 14% transformation efficiency. The functional validation of different abiotic stress responsive genes like NHX1, SHN1 and DREB  genes are under progress.

Tissue culture lab facility at ICAR-IIWBR,Karnal

Regeneration protocol standardized a) Placement of embryos in Callus inductiom medium (picloram 2.0 mg/l)  b) Embryogenic calli  c) Precocious germination in callus induction medium having no PGRs d) Regeneration e) Shoot development of plantlet f) Root induction g) Hardening of recovered plantlet h) Plant acclimatization in soil and peat mix i) Plant generated through optimized protocol grown up to maturity.

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