Wheat Quality Lab

Wheat Quality Lab

 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
Used for the analysis of mineral elements in digested wheat flour samples.

Alveo-Consistograph (Chopin)
For the analysis of dough strength and extensibility for bread quality evaluation.

Bread Making Facility (National)
Analysis of wheat samples for bread quality analysis from 100g flour.

Flour Mill (Brabender)
Preparation of flour (Maida) from wheat for quality parameter analysis.

Glutomate (Perten)
For the estimation of gluten content in wheat flour samples.

Micro Plate Reader (Biotek)
For spectro-photometric analysis of biochemical and immunochemical reactions in micro plate.

Microwave Digestion System (Anton Par)
For the quick digestion of flour samples for estimation of mineral elements.

Mixograph (National)
For studying dough mixing properties and dough strength analysis.

Near Infra Red System (NIR)
For the non-destructive estimation of protein and moisture in wheat grain samples.

Single Kernel characterization System (Perten)
For estimation of hardness index in wheat grain samples.

Mills for Preparation of Whole Meal Flour (FOSS)
For preparation of whole meal flour from wheat grains for analysis of different quality parameters.

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